Kip Garvey began his calling career in 1960 calling for a group of teenagers at the Lawrence YWCA in Lawrence, Massachusetts. By 1963 Kip was calling 4 nights a week at adult and teen clubs, saving the weekends for traveling dates throughout New England and the eastern seaboard.

             In 1970 he joined the recording staff of J-Bar-K Records where he recorded several hit tunes including "When My Baby Smiles At Me." He joined the staff of Thunderbird Records in 1974, where he recorded his biggest hit, "Sheik of Chicago." He has recorded with Rhythm Records, Hi Hat Records and he produced square dance music recording on his own label, Eureka Records.

             Graduating from college in 1968 with a business degree, Kip began teaching high school in western Massachusetts. He taught school until 1973, when he entered the insurance/securities/real estate sales business. In 1979 Kip moved from Massachusetts to Fremont, California. After retiring from a career with Hewlett Packard, he moved to Pioneer, CA where he now resides with his wife, Pat.


             Recognized nationwide for his ability to please crowds at any level with his infectious style of calling and pleasing personality, Kip has called in 42 states including Hawaii and Alaska, Canada, and abroad in the Caribbean, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Mexico, Japan, China, and Europe. He considers a caller's main responsibility one of providing an opportunity for people to enjoy the best of each other in an atmosphere of fun and good fellowship.

             Along with a popular and infectious calling style, Kip is noted for his innovative choreography. Kip organized many great and enduring square dance special events in his area, such as Winter Festival, Solvang Special, Napa Grape Festival, Los Banos Blast, Mid-Cal Classic, and the Caller Showcase Program.

             A member of CALLERLAB since 1977, Kip is past Chair and has served on several committees. In addition, Kip was one of the first CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coaches and conducted caller schools and clinics.


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Jackson Claim Jumpers

Caller Kip Garvey

...Though Kip Garvey serenades us to “dance like nobody’s watching,” his real goal is
for the Jackson Claim Jumpers
to dance better than
everybody else!